STOK Shoe Co.

STOK is a new footwear company launching this summer. STOK focusses on combining quality craftsmanship with modern design principles to create robust and versatile leather footwear and accessories.

About the Brand 

Stock is build on the principle that truly great products can only come about when fundamental, and timeless design principles are put into a product that is made with the knowledge, and attention to details that comes with had crafted products. Too often we see an amazing looking product, and it is not until we use it that the aesthetics outperform the functionality and quality of the item. Here at stock, We guarantee that you will get a high quality handmade product, that fits into your modern lifestyle.  We cut not corner, and we obsess over every last detail on our products from the stitching to the hand finished edges.
About the Leather

There are several ways to tan leather, but the most common way is called chrome tanning. This is the preferred way to tan leather because it takes less than 24 hours to break down the cowhide. Vegetable tanning leather is much less common because it takes 30 to 90 days to break down the cowhide. Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using natural materials suchs plant matter and tree bark, and the result cannot be achieved any other way. Once the tanning process is complete, the natural color of the leather is the rich golden color you see in the images above, and in most of our products. This leather is durable yet flexible, and ages better than any other leather you can buy.
Men's Essential Sandals
All of the sandals come in a 100% wool felt shoe bag
Women's Basic Braid Sandals
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